Sincerely, Sticks Lazy Susan

Meet Sincerely, Stick– the newest product offering from Sticks Object Art and Furniture Company out of Des, Moines Iowa. 2017 is a special year for Sticks. It marks their 25th year anniversary of creating and being a fine art craft business. We find this really special because Stowe Craft Gallery was there from the beginning. From lazy susans, to bed frames, to clocks, to plaques- we have offered it all! Now we are so excited to offer more from Sticks with their brand new Sincerely, Sticks line.

For Sticks 25th year of business they have done something new. Sticks has created Sincerely, Sticks, an artisan printed line featuring the same plaques, lazy susans, clocks and all the other pieces you have come to expect from Sticks. What is different with Sincerely, Sticks though, is that the designs are pulled directly from Sticks original best selling designs and then printed onto these Sincerely, Sticks pieces. The Sincerely, Sticks line is still all made in the Sticks Des Moines, Iowa studio by a team of incredibly talented artists. After receiving the pieces and with some thought and inspection, Stowe Craft Gallery wanted to explain so key differences between the Sticks originals and the new Sincerely, Sticks pieces.

Differences between Sincerely, Sticks & original Sticks Pieces

  1. Printing vs. drawing, staining, painting, hand wood burning. This is the largest difference between the Sincerely, Sticks pieces and original Sticks pieces. Sincerely, Sticks pieces have a printing on their surface, kind of like a laminate. The design is exactly what you would expect from Sticks- bright colors, whimsical phrases, and beautiful art. From afar you probably couldn’t tell the different between Sincerely, Sticks and a original Sticks piece. Upon closer inspection though, you will see that the surface is completely smooth on all Sincerely, Sticks pieces. On original Sticks pieces the surface has lines from the wood burning and difference in texture in some areas with painting and staining. While Sincerely, Sticks has beautiful design, you can tell the difference between these and your other Sticks pieces.
  2. Price. With less expensive prices, Sincerely, Sticks is opening up the possibility for those who have always wanted a Sticks piece to finally have one of their own! There is a large difference between Sincerely, Sticks and original Sticks pieces in cost. For example, a Sincerely, Sticks 18 inch lazy susan costs $175.00 with free shipping. An original Sticks 20 inch lazy susan costs $440.00 with free shipping. That is over double the cost. BUT- you get what you pay for in this circumstance. You see the lines, the stains, and the uniqueness of your Sticks original piece. It will always be different from all other lazy susans that are made by Sticks ever so slightly. Sincerely, Sticks pieces are exact replicas of each other. There is no uniqueness.
  3. Size. Sincerely, Sticks pieces are slightly smaller than most original Sticks pieces. The Sincerely, Sticks lazy susan measures 18 inches in diameter and does not come in any larger sizes. The original Sticks lazy susan can be made in ANY size- it is up to you to customize it! Sincerely, Sticks plaques come in 6 inch by 6 inch squares or 9 inch by 9 inch squares. Sticks original plaques come in 7 inch by 7 inch squares or 10 inch by 10 inch squares.
  4. Customizing. Sincerely, Sticks pieces are unable to be customized at all. Because they are printed that is the only design that is available and there is no diverting from that design. On the other hand, Sticks original pieces are welcome to as many changes as you want. You pick the structure, you pick the designs, you pick the colors. Sincerely, Sticks inability to be customized makes the original Sticks pieces that much more special because they can be so custom. They are made just for you!

Here’s a little video where you can see the difference that much more easily.

We are so excited to offer this new line of pieces from Sticks. With a lower price point now everyone can have a piece of their own in the same Sticks aesthetic and style, just at a much lower price! Sticks aesthetic is so vibrant, happy, and playful and we are eager to offer this new line to our Sticks loving customers! Browse the entire collection of Sincerely, Sticks by clicking here.