Sticking Stowe Together, and exhibition celebrating the quintessential places, things, and views of Stowe, Vermont, opens at Stowe Craft Design Center January 15, 2016. Betsy Silverman’s exhibition offers a view of Stowe through the medium of collage, revealing layers unseen before. This is Stowe Craft Gallery’s first exhibition of the year, as well as the reintroduction of exhibition series in our Design Center.


Sticking Stowe Together, organized by Susan Bayer-Fishman, Stephen Fishman, and Ariel Karabinus, is comprised of seven large scale collages. Growing up in New England, Betsy was always inspired by the scenes that this wonderful part of the country had to offer. Betsy combines her interest in using paper as a way of structural design, the town of Stowe, and the need to create in her exhibition Sticking Stowe Together.

All of Silverman’s work is created completely from recycled pieces of magazine clippings. Silverman uses paper to make not only an image, but an architectural form. Before beginning a piece, Silverman takes photographs of her subjects. Sticking Stowe Together features a scene of Stowe’s famous Main Street with the chapel gutting up sharply in the background and another of the well known Clydesdale horses across from Topnotch, just to name a few. Once Silverman chooses her subject, she then translates the photos into collage.


When choosing paper clippings for her work, Silverman not only takes into consideration the paper’s color and texture, but also the wording and pictures on the clippings. Each clipping relates back to the collage’s subject, adding a level of complexity to her work. Looking from a far, these minute details are unable to be seen, but with closer investigation, you begin to see the humorous and quirky connections.

We invite you to come see Sticking Stowe Together by Betsy Silverman now until March 27, 2016. As residents of Stowe, we all cherish the palces and things that Stowe has to offer. Betsy Silverman’s Sticking Stowe Together is able to capture all of these things. Her ability to depict the essence of Stowe so perfectly is a treat you do not want to miss.


For further information and all other inquiries please contact Ariel at 802-253-4693. Also, preview Betsy Silverman’s entire exhibition on our online art gallery.